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September 07, 2005

Guild Wars Gets Bigger – For Free!

Today, ArenaNet opens a new area of their massively popular online game, Guild Wars. The new area, Sorrow's Furnace, is filled with new skills and weapons, quests, boss monsters, missions and is, wait for it, absolutely FREE!

Here's a blurb from the IGN preview:

"The levels themselves are gorgeous as always. The Guild Wars art team continues to show their technical prowess and artistic vision. They manage to make the game look spectacular without many of the processor intensive tricks of the high spec games. It's all about style, theme, and in this case, contrast. The Shiverpeak area is a wintery wonderland full of fun surprises, but as players wander into Grenth's Footprint, they'll notice some changes. Lush forests are clear cut and the land blighted. Eventually, as players wander far enough, they'll find themselves looking over the edge of a gigantic man-made hole housing the mammoth Sorrow's Furnace complex. The surrounding pure white snow quickly gives way to charred landscape and hot colors unfamiliar in the mountains."

You can also pick up additional music for the new expansion pack as well. Here's the link.


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