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February 28, 2006

Pong Clock: Limited Run

Pong Clock: Limited Run

It looks like the makers of the Pong Clock have run into a few snags.

Buro Vormkrijgers, makers of the Pong Clock based in the Netherlands, are apparently sending out an email to those that pre-ordered the timepiece. The email unveils the fact that Atari contacted the team and pulled the ‘we own the rights to the name Pong’ game. After a bit of legal wrangling, the two sides have come to an agreement...

...Only 400 pong clocks will be created.

If you want one of these awesome timepieces, put in your pre-order now since once all 400 are gone - that’s it, no more will be created. To put it into perspective, the team aready produced 200 clocks that sold out instantly. These next 400 are sure to sell like gangbusters, and fetch a high price on ebay when no longer available to order.



Basically ATARI demanded we shut down our website immediately, and halt all production.

The reason for that; they stated they own the “Pong” name and game characteristics, on which we were infringing in their eyes. Needless to say we were unaware of such possible infringements when we started this endeavour.

On advise of our lawyer, we seconded those claims, and kept our website live.

However, in the meantime we halted all production and other investments, and cancelled our display-order from china, to prevent getting stuck with huge financial damage [these things are very expensive] and stocks that need to be destroyed, if these claims got confirmed. For us the Pong Clock started out as a fun project within our office, that got so much attention, that we then decided to produce and sell it to share the fun with you, not to get bankrupted by.

To see the clock, visit their site and click on Portfolio, Browse, Misc, Pong Clock.

Thanks to everyone that sent this in.


At July 05, 2006 12:26 PM, Anonymous Laurie said...

I ordered one back when pre-ordering began. I got the email a few days ago that they're ready, I paid and it's on it's way!


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