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October 31, 2005

Real Revolution News!

In a recent European interview with Meristation.com (online Spanish magazine), Jim Merrick from Nintendo of Europe has let a few things out about the Revolution:

LAN Play
It is now confirmed that, in addition to being able to play online, you will also be able to play some Revolution games over a local area network (LAN). The LAN games will work a lot like DS games currently do, many of which only require a single copy of the game!

Worldwide Launch
Often times, consoles are launched in Japan first and don’t make it to the USA for a good 6-9 months. No longer. Nintendo already launched the DS in the USA first and this time they will launch the Revolution across the world within the span of 14 weeks. Europe, Japan and USA will all get the Revolution roughly around the same time!

Improved N64
Nintendo 64 games, when played on the Revolution through the ‘virtual console’, will receive a frame rate boost, making the games play more smoothly than ever before. Even better than the originals!

When you see the games, you will say ‘WOW!”
Jim Merrick went on to say that the graphics produced by the Revolution will look great compared to those seen on the PS3 or Xbox 360!

Thanks to Gaming Age Forums for the news


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