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September 09, 2005

Extreme G - Back from the Edge

Acclaim was fairly hit and miss with the quality of games that it spit out. Over the years, there have been some real gems amongst some steaming piles of refuse. One of the Kamalot house favorites has been the Extreme G series.

While we missed out on the first two games in the series by not having a Nintendo 64, the 3rd game, XG3, was a great launch title for the GameCube; showing off an immense sense of speed and containing an excellent cooperative player mode.

The last iteration of the series, XGRA (Extreme G Racing Association) was a marriage of an unbelievable soundtrack and rich, gritty artistic style. While the gameplay offered wasn’t as deep as the strategy found in XG3, the wild ride and excellent music made the game one worth the budget price.

Unfortunately, Acclaim was already on the rocks when the XGRA hit the streets. It launched to little fanfare due to a dwindling marketing budget and had the worst fate by launching on the same day as Nintendo and Sega’s futuristic racing granddaddy, the highly rated F-Zero GX. Not long after XGRA was in our hands, Acclaim closed their doors forever.

Many Acclaim brands had been sold to various parties but among the spoils, the Extreme G series was nowhere to be found.

Today, Gamasutra is reporting that three franchises have appeared for sale including, you guessed it, the Extreme G series.

If you have a bit of money to toss into an existing franchise and are in the mood to create the next ass-kicking futuristic roller-coaster weapon-based racing game, I know a few people who are willing to give it a shot. Head over to the web site and make a bid. Hopefully, we will all be back in the saddle soon with Extreme G Racing IV – Back From the Edge.


At September 09, 2005 9:36 PM, Blogger Zac said...

I recall being a big fan of Extreme G on the N64, and it is a shame when one of the few good Acclaim games is left in the dust.


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