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September 11, 2005

Super Maryo – JavaScript Mario Clone

I’ve written some JavaScript before to get some rollover action happening or validate some forms. I like what JavaScript can do but wouldn’t actually say I enjoy messing with it; it is simply a necessary evil. The people who put together this live on a completely different planet where they breathe JavaScript, eat JavaScript, and on a lazy Sunday afternoon, the sit out in the gazebo and drink tall glasses of chilled JavaScript.

What you’ll find after the link is a Super Mario Bros game developed almost entirely in JavaScript. You don’t need any kind of Flash or Shockwave to play, just a Bowser, er, I mean browser.

Use the arrow keys to drive, press space to jump and hit the Ctrl key to shoot fireballs (once you get the flower).

Not particularly an awesome emulator of Super Mario Bros, but Super Maryo World is an awesome exercise in doing more with less.


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