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January 18, 2007

Who's Who?

I'm terrible at remembering names. I also attend a lot of meetings with clients. Invariably, I forget a lot of their names. Lifehacker comes to the rescue with a great little tip.

Draw a map!

I've always got my Tablet PC with me in meetings, to take notes, jot down ideas and draw explanations of complex systems. I always write down the names of participants and meeting attendees, but never before have I drawn a map.

As a visual person, maps help me all the time. I map out ideas, concepts, system flows, business diagrams and more. Why not take an extra 15 seconds to draw a map of the conference table and who was sitting where? Surely, that would save me the embarrassment of not being able to remember someone's name later on. Even DURING the meeting, I could refer to my map in order to remember someone's name.

I think my problem of being bad with names just became a little less of a problem.


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